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Photo album - my first Meetup hike (Fresno-Madera Hiking Meetup - Squaw's Leap 080316), also my first Sierra Nevada hike since starting to hike again.

Photo Album - after building a trail with Coe Park volunteer leaders, a gorgoeus half-day hike with a group light, fast hikers who meet each other for the first time over a web site called! (4th visit - 080308)

Photo Album - Another splendid day hike in Henry Coe! (3rd visit, 2nd Hike)

Photo album - my failed Death Valley trip.

Photo Album - Day Hike in Henry W. Coe State Park - 080216 - 1280x1024 Version

Photo album - Seattle 2007

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Pic 4. In the wee hours of the morning I cleared the rainy Tehachapi Pass and canyon and was in the clear and starry skied Mohave desert. The last of the rainclouds in the Tehachapi give out in the distance, evaporating into the drier desert air. However a curious thing. All the roads and rock surfaces in the vicinity of the pass opening were wet, as though it were raining. In a way, it was. The rain had become invisible water vapor and was recondensing into water on the colder surface of the asphalt. Nothing else was wet; only the asphalt. A few miles farther from the pass, the roads were dry again. How about that! That's more than just your run-of-the-mill dew. The streets near the pass opening were wet because the nearby water vapor source, a rainy Tehachapi pass and canyon. it was... INVISIBLE RAIN!
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Stop Complaining!

An Easter sermon really hit me over the head
By David Prasad - Mar 25th, 2008 at 8:00 am EDT
Also listed in: Fresno for Obama | Imagine Peace Club for Obama | 1,000,000 Americans for Obama
I don't usually go for sermons, but this one is the hit across the head I've needed for a while.
Stop complaining, that's how to get moving. The first step to the better place begins...... where the last whining complaint ends. If I want a better world, complaining even about the way it is, just leaves me a victim and not a marcher on the road toward victory over all foes. I pass by the warmongers, the racists, the negative campaigners. I pass by myself, all mad about all the setbacks of my life

No more complaining. The notion didn't activate even after I started work today. I'm being regarded disdainfully at work and I thought I was liked there. I was still complaining to myself and offering excuses as to why I was not working harder. I was sick is still not good enough to be tops. I come in later in the day and get jumped and might be like a deer in headlights. That I just spent the entire day at a doctor's trying to score antibiotics? I got them, what's so sad about that? That I feel I'm being dogged? I'm bigger than that. You can't dog me anymore. Annoy me, yes. Dog me, no. I've had bad breaks, appreciate me for how far I've come. What? No parade? I complaining and making excuses and then suddenly I remember that story on the news the other night about the church that preaches "No Complaining!" That's when I realized this was it! It's time to get beyond. Next step time, oh yeah....

I whipped up a lame little sticker and tacked to me monitor. [Complaining!! SLASH over frowny face.]

So anyway, I heard the religious words delivered in s sermon by Rev. Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City, MO that night when I got home. The Church was part of a story on a little-viewed weekend edition of a nightly network newscast running opposite a championship basketball game. I somehow chose to leave the game and watch the news.

I braced myself for hearing the terrible news that I was bad and wrong am lucky I'm still working at all. But I had to hear that what I was doing, complaining, was indeed cooking my goose. But I ran my mouth desipte how bad it made me feel. While it did make me feel worse, I thought I was accepting what a woeful soul I was. Then I heard this man speak. Now I'm ready to turn a big leaf.

Will Bowen's church has gotten quite a reaction to its "stop complaining" message. They even sell wristbands people can wear to remind themselves to stop complaining.

Sermons are the core of church services. Call it getting guilted, the boring part, the part where you get preached at all you want, it's more like getting schooled... which usually means realizing you're guilty of wrongs somewhere during the sermon.

But we give religions the dirty work, don't we? Then we complain when religion promotes gives us guilt. We choose religions for a reason: we want to live right. The messages about all the wrong we can do and woe we can cause by living wrongly are timeless lessons. I could complain about all the wrong the churches and clerics have done, how they preach in violation of their own credo, "do unto others", holding up dogmas, supporting facism, religious pogroms against jews, religious wars, caste systems.

But it was that great guilt I suffer after all my complaining and searching for an answer for an end to the misery of my life which led me to consider that perhaps sermons can do good as well. Easter's the day you feel guilty for not going to church since Christmas! So, it's an American tradition. Rev. Will Bowen cites King's "I have a dream" as an example of not complaining, but focusing on a goal, not how hard it's going to be to get there. This was church full of white people. Ooh, a litany of complaint could be unleashed about that, but really it's all moot. Change is truly afoot in this land. The message I heard I am connecting right here to Obama's message the way the white pastor connected his message to Dr. King's. The gospel truth is universal and needs to be heard by all. God bless this white guy in Kansas City! He's pretty cool in my book! That's right, I have a book, Bantam House $39.95, fifth edition. Haha. Owww stop it

So here I am, what a wretch I've been. Why would God ever want to speak to me? I'm carrying Her words to face a hard day at work tomorrow because of what I've done. Okay, it might be a hard year. But this couldn't be a better atmosphere to put this new eyesight into practice. In fact, if I had a more cushy situation to walk into tomorrow, I'd be complaining about it. I am hungry for a test of faith!

Stop complaining. It's the best Easter message EVER!
If you are interested in the sermon, at the website of the church, you click on listen tab to hear sermons:

Here's a fun thing I'm going to do right now. Practice drills!

"The economy is going to h*** because of over dominance of American greed, corporate corruption and racist wars" becomes....

"We have good people in this country, too. Working with them, we can fix our economy and lift all boats in the rising tide. We can end the war. People who care will end the war. We will not only simply end a war, we we go out there and wage peace by having contact and exchange with the people of the Muslim world and that will dim the support for terrorism."

Hey, I want to try another complaint buster drill.

"Americans are so racist, in the end they'll never elect the first Black president, ever! So to **** with America! God *bleep* America!" becomes

"Barack's subtle line, 'In the unlikely story that is America...'

Clearly Americans continue to take the boldest of journeys ever undertaken by any country or society. That is quite an understatement. That journey began amid a slaveholding whites-only-can-vote society when first the United States was declared a new independent country in defiance of not too distant kings and tyrants. A war to stop this unimaginable rebellion soon ensued when the Kingdom sent their soldiers to take it back. The King lost. But did the racists win?

When slaveholders found out which way the new country was headed, they started another, far more bloody war. And who won? The United States won, the same country that declared independence won. The Confederates lost. But did the racists make a comeback? Yes. Did they continue to lose ground as history marched on? Yes. In America, the racists have been losing from day 1.

As the unlikely story of America continues to be recorded, I say let that Red, White and Blue flag wave. Why? Look at us today. Turned out America was racism's worst nightmare, not its friend. Have we ever stopped moving away from the way we were in 1776? You have got to be out of your mind to deny the FACT that eventually African Americans will be successful in attaining the office of President of the United States. So, will Barack Obama be the first American Black to be President? I don't know. I'm just one vote :-)"

But I am far from complaining about America because we're going the right way.

This blog is on my Obama blog

Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2008, 01.13
I don't usually go for sermons, but this one is the hit across the head I've needed for a while

Stop complaining. It's the best Easter message EVER!

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Saturday, Mar. 30, 2008, 17.00
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Monday, Apr. 7, 2008, 14.11

The recently updated lyrics and podcasts

I recently unearthed Driver 15, a particularly fun one to listen to, but kind of had a flawed delivery, where some overplayed and depressing radio oldies mucked it down. I removed the offending tracks and posted it under "NEW!" below. The lyrics of a a particularly whiny Pet Shop Boys tune is featured below because I found videos of the live performance of the song that ought to blow your mind. That's all for now. Enjoy this springtime Monday the best you can.

The Back Yard

What are those big bumblebeelike things that frequent garden flowers?

Big Female Carpenter BeeI call 'em Chopper Daddies when they fly, but actually these are female carpenter bees. Big and black and closely related to the bumblebee, female carpenter bees like tomato blossoms and are often seen pollenating honeysuckles. They fly with a loud roaring buzz and look scary, but they have a very weak stinger and are very reluctant to use it at all. The males are much smaller, fuzzy and brown and fly by zipping quickly from one spot to the next, briefly hovering between zips of flight. They have a weak sting and hardly ever use it as well. Two carpenter bees of different sex look like totally different bee species. Carpenter Bees live in wooden stuctures around the neighborhood, like fences and telephone poles, digging holes into dead wood to make a nest. They can be considered a pest if they do this to the wood of your house, but generally are a beneficial native bee that pollenate flowers the honeybees ignore.

In speaking of big things that buzz, what in the h**l is a "stumpf*****r?"

Giant Ichneumon Wasp Laying eggs into beetle infested deadwoodWell, I think I found out what a stumpf****r is. It's a wasp relative called the "giant ichneumon". It is not poisonous, does not sting, yet sounds like a fright in flight and looks like, well, a mega-wasp from hell. The extra long "tails" hanging behind the females aren't super extendo-stingers, but are "ova-inserters" that are used to insert eggs into beetle-infested wood. So that's why they are called "stumpf*****rs!" If you see one, don't kill it! It controls tree-killing, wood eating bark beetles! Most kinds have no stinger at all, and some smaller ones have stingers that are used to stun bark beetle larvae into sitting still while eggs get laid into them. The eggs will hatch and the larvae will be the food for the ichneumon larvaes. It's a larvae eat larvae world out there.

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