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Santa Cruz State Parks

Photo album - my first Meetup hike (Fresno-Madera Hiking Meetup - Squaw's Leap 080316), also my first Sierra Nevada hike since starting to hike again.

Photo Album - after building a trail with Coe Park volunteer leaders, a gorgoeus half-day hike with a group light, fast hikers who meet each other for the first time over a web site called! (4th visit - 080308)

Photo Album - Another splendid day hike in Henry Coe! (3rd visit, 2nd Hike)

Photo album - my failed Death Valley trip.

Photo Album - Day Hike in Henry W. Coe State Park - 080216 - 1280x1024 Version

Photo album - Seattle 2007

Photo album - India Switzerland Japan 2005-6

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The Lyrics To "Cause A Effet" by Diams

The Lyrics To "Homem" by Caetano Veloso

The Lyrics To "Sem Abuso" by Art Popular

The Lyrics To "Sugar Bum Bum" by Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts)

The Lyrics To "It's A Sin" by Pet Shop Boys (1987)

Steaming in 32K stereo is my LIVE365 radio station, Earth To Dave, Loaded with outstanding music from a plethora of artists. Listener favorited! Great sound quality!
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Play Music podcast Driver 64 - 20 rocking songs from all over the world Did you get a mix CD from a friend who includes CD TEXT info and want to see the artist tiltle and source album of the songs on the CD? Do you use iTunes? O.K! Download this applescript and use drop it into iTunes scripts folder (located in users/username/library/itunes/scripts) Driver 65 April 2008 Mix CD and Podcast Earth To Dave Radio

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Dengue Fever

The Back Yard

What are those big bumblebeelike things that frequent garden flowers?

Big Female Carpenter BeeI call 'em Chopper Daddies when they fly, but actually these are female carpenter bees. Big and black and closely related to the bumblebee, female carpenter bees like tomato blossoms and are often seen pollenating honeysuckles. They fly with a loud roaring buzz and look scary, but they have a very weak stinger and are very reluctant to use it at all. The males are much smaller, fuzzy and brown and fly by zipping quickly from one spot to the next, briefly hovering between zips of flight. They have a weak sting and hardly ever use it as well. Two carpenter bees of different sex look like totally different bee species. Carpenter Bees live in wooden stuctures around the neighborhood, like fences and telephone poles, digging holes into dead wood to make a nest. They can be considered a pest if they do this to the wood of your house, but generally are a beneficial native bee that pollenate flowers the honeybees ignore.

In speaking of big things that buzz, what in the h**l is a "stumpf*****r?"

Giant Ichneumon Wasp Laying eggs into beetle infested deadwoodWell, I think I found out what a stumpf****r is. It's a wasp relative called the "giant ichneumon". It is not poisonous, does not sting, yet sounds like a fright in flight and looks like, well, a mega-wasp from hell. The extra long "tails" hanging behind the females aren't super extendo-stingers, but are "ova-inserters" that are used to insert eggs into beetle-infested wood. So that's why they are called "stumpf*****rs!" If you see one, don't kill it! It controls tree-killing, wood eating bark beetles! Most kinds have no stinger at all, and some smaller ones have stingers that are used to stun bark beetle larvae into sitting still while eggs get laid into them. The eggs will hatch and the larvae will be the food for the ichneumon larvaes. It's a larvae eat larvae world out there.

Keywords: forests, hiking, bugs, insects, wilderness, nature, zoology

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davidprasad internal link How to hike to the top of corkscrew peak in Death Valley National Park

Thursday, Apr. 24, 2008, 00.44

New word alert

Actually, this feature is not about new words, but rather words I've never heard or seen used in real sentences before. The new word is....


The word was witnessed being used as such:
"If there were any true believers in a rosy scenario [for Democrats the 2008 election cycle] still to be found within the Democratic party, they were likely disabused of that notion by the results of Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary." --Time Magazine. Slick sentence!

disabuse [stolen from]
To free from a falsehood or misconception: I must disabuse you of your feelings of grandeur.
disabused - freed of a mistaken or misguided notion: some people are still not disabused of the old idea that the universe revolves around the Earth."

Disctionary Dot Com

Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2008, 01.13
I don't usually go for sermons, but this one is the hit across the head I've needed for a while

Stop complaining. It's the best Easter message EVER!

Keyword: religion, church, faith, Easter, Christianity, sermon, Will+Bowen, "Stop Complaining!", culture, Americana



Saturday, Mar. 30, 2008, 17.00
How to put a favicon on a website you are developing on a Mac.

Get the .ico plugin for Mac Photoshop. Put it in the plugins folder of the Photoshop folder of the Applications Folder of the boot volume of the Mac.

Create an icon image and size it down to 16x16 pixels...David Prasad Blogs Favicon 150 x 150 davidprasadFavIcon16x

Saveas... ico format file named favicon.ico to the root folder of the web site.

Now at last your website has its own icon!

Monday, Apr. 7, 2008, 14.11

The recently updated lyrics and podcasts

I recently unearthed Driver 15, a particularly fun one to listen to, but kind of had a flawed delivery, where some overplayed and depressing radio oldies mucked it down. I removed the offending tracks and posted it under "NEW!" below. The lyrics of a a particularly whiny Pet Shop Boys tune is featured below because I found videos of the live performance of the song that ought to blow your mind. That's all for now. Enjoy this springtime Monday the best you can.

Thursday, Apr. 24, 00.45

Al Jazeera English: Hey, it's pretty good!

You may have heard of the CNN-style news channel that broadcasts in Arabic from the small Arabian kingdom of Qatar ("kah-thrr") via satellite. They are (in)famous for covering the suffering of the Iraqis during the invasion of Iraq, leading the U.S. command to first warn and harass Al Jazeera's journalists and then eventually kick them out of Iraq. About two years ago, Al Jazeera launched their "English Service," which broadcasts in International English. Though the broadcast is available via satellite, no United States cable or satellite company even offers an option to get Al Jazeera. This is thanks to a campaign on behalf of the neocons who started the Iraq War to consider anybody who does carry it to an American audience a traitor. The United States even has an Al Jazeera cameraman being held prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.

Al Jazeera's broadcast is rather breathtaking for its quality of journalism. The channel runs outstanding reports particularly from Europe, Africa and Asia. And, recently, they ran a hell of a story from South America on the fate of the hapless veterans of Argentina's war to take back the Falkland Islands from the British. Remember, Thatcher versus the Argentine military dictator Galtieri? If you do remember this war, the story is well worth checking out. I think somebody posted it on YouTube.

Despite the sympathies of the region regarding the Iraq war being with the Iraqis, Aljazeera still covers the war with a stark level of balance and respect, complete with statements from U.S. military commanders and their operational assessments, without mocking them. The nicest thing about watching Al Jazeera is they provide news coverage that is seperate from editorial and opinion content. On Al Jazeera, the two never mingle. It's very refreshing.

You can watch Al Jazeera English for free at

Al JazeeraAl Jazeera English - TV News Now

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Podcast of Driver 65 Mix CD of April 2008 Owners of the actual CD may pop it into the PC or Mac, open it in iTunes 7, and run this script to grab the track name and artist info from the CD text\ You don't have iTunes? You need iTunes now. Driver Contents