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Photo Album - May 11, 2008 (Mother's Day) In Yosemite

Photo album - my first Meetup hike (Fresno-Madera Hiking Meetup - Squaw's Leap 080316), also my first Sierra Nevada hike since starting to hike again.

Photo Album - after building a trail with Coe Park volunteer leaders, a gorgoeus half-day hike with a group light, fast hikers who meet each other for the first time over a web site called! (4th visit - 080308)

Photo album - my failed Death Valley trip.

Photo Album - Day Hike in Henry W. Coe State Park - 080216 - 1280x1024 Version

Photo album - Seattle 2007

Photo album - India Switzerland Japan 2005-6

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Give to Fresno State

He's going to be just fabulous!

// U.S. President and V.P. - Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D)
62% of the vote - won California
Stop the press! Obama almost wins FRESNO county! This is a very RED county (not as red as Kern or Modoc counties, but very RED, still) OBAMA almost won FRESNO COUNTY! Unbelievable!
Obama almost wins Fresno county

// U.S. House of Representatives, District 21 - Larry Johnson (D)
32% of the vote - lost
// California State Assemply, District 29 - Humberto Avila (D)
33% of the vote - lost
// Superior Court Judge #10 - Douglas O. Treisman "He ain't no Heisman, but he sure Treisman!"
42% of the vote - lost
// S.C.C.C.D. Trustee #2 - William J. Smith, the Incumbent
// S.C.C.C.D. Trustee #5 - Phillip J. Forhan, the Incumbent
// F.U.S.D. Area #2 - Manuel G. Nuñez, the Incumbent
35% of the vote - lost - Spanish first name/surname still poison in Fresno
// F.U.S.D. Area #5 - Natalie S. Clark, the Challenger
49% of the vote - lost
// F.U.S.D. Area #6 - Janet Ryan, the Incumbent
60% of the vote - won - against Spanish first-name/surnamed opponent
// Mayor, City of Fresno - Ashley Swearingen I've been sold on her abilty to bring Jobs here. Gawd, I hope she doesn't do any anti-gay "pro-family" events at City Hall like Bubba did. Some Hollywood star, there. I thought for sure he'd be diffrent than the typical CRA (California Republican Assembly, "The Republican wing of the California Republican Party!") buffoon. Wrong. But he was right on police modernization. I'd still like a Mayor that will modernize the Police by putting them under a watchdog agency with community input.
55% of the vote - won- against Spanish first name/surnamed opponent

// Prop. 1A, YES High speed passenger rail bond act - Goes from S.F. to L.A. Yes, I want to ride it.
with 53% of the vote - YES won
// Prop. 2, YES Humane standards for farm animals - finally!
update: they're saying that if we pass this, grocery stores will just import eggs from Mexico or out-of-state. This true?
with 63% of the vote - YES won
// Prop. 3, YES Children's hospital bond
with 54% of the vote - YES won
// Prop. 4, NO! Scary, if a female under the age of 18 goes to a legitimate doctor for an abortion, the doctor must turn around and notify the parents, then delay the procedure for 48 hours after that. Such a law could result in fatalies or horrible injuries to pregnant girls by illegal abortionists and other perverts.
with 53% of the vote - NO won
// Prop. 5, YES Saves BILLIONS of $$$, rehab instead of prison for non-violent drug offenders.
with 40% of the vote - YES lost
// Prop. 6, NO Costly, prison instead of rehab, build more prisons, more ways to go to prison, redirect state spending to prisons.
with 70% of the vote - NO won
// Prop. 7, NO! Deceptive. Replaces good renewable energy planning already in place with the plan from hell that's doomed to fail! Wierdly, has a provision that caps increases in clean energy production! What's this law really trying to pull?
with 65% of the vote - NO won
// Prop. 8, NO, please! Equal rights for all: Vote NO. Sponsored by the Mormon Church of Utah, this law re-bans same sex marriage in California. In commercials, school kids come home to horrified parents. LIE!! Our opt-out law REQUIRES written permission from parents before a child can attend any lesson on sexuality at school.

Poor voters ultimately put the whammy on NO on 8

Quite frankly, I think doing 48% is pretty good. But what stinks is losing the black and latino vote by such a wide margin (60-70%). I'm sure similar numbers come from the poor white areas. Gay rights supporters tend to be college educated and higher income. It's not surprising to have both pro-gay and pro-Obama whites, but anti-gay and pro-Obama blacks.

Do not give in and accept this divided situation. Believe it or not, the ONLY way to end this situation is to enfranchise the poor. I know this, because I've met so many well-educated Blacks like OBAMA and Latinos like my ex Boyfriend and his mom, who believe in gay rights after being enlightened by educational opportunities and contact with people with different ideas. It's the educational opportunities that come with a better life that opens minds to being pro-gay. If Blacks and Latinos' lot in life is improving in this society, then we will win at the Ballot box with them.

48%'ers, thank you for casting a vote of NO. The Black and Latino traditional values vote will over time become less significant and monolithic, but only if they get equality. Sorry. Poor folks just don't vote pro-gay.

Change is coming.

As you can imagine, prop. 8 would have been pretty popular in Fresno. Well, try 84% popular. Businesses all over my neighborhood weren't afraid to display Yes on 8 signs right in their own windows, and I live in the University neighborhood. I felt sad the two houses near mine with yes on 8 on display were Mexican and Black. I know, racial minorities, the disabled or anybody else isn't obligated to support us just because we're also a sort of minority, and in Fresno, who would want to be friedns with us. "Ewww, you're UNPOPULAR!" Even the freakin' MOSQUE had a no on 8 sign up! Right on the mosque! I know Muslims are very anti-gay, but, still. If there's one thing Fresnans can agree upon like brothers and sisters is NO GAYNESS in Fresno is allowed. But this isn't good news for my hopes of Fresno becoming a more cosmopolitan place.
Fresno supprts Yes on H8
If you've been sold on how "cosmopolitan" and "movin' up there" Fresno's been getting, you've been sold a bill of goods. This is not a up-and-coming place you want to do business. It's embarassing. A minimal level of support for the Gay community to save face might be 33% support, perhaps.

// Prop. 9, NO Costly, prison instead of rehab, build more prisons, more ways to go to prison, redirect state spending to prisons, keep people in prison.
with 47% of the vote - NO lost
// Prop. 10, NO Deceptive and costly, steals money from California, loosens pollution standards, cancels exisiting renewable energy plans, forces California to use natural gas supplied by Texas oil companies. Sponsored by T. Boone Pickens.
with 60% of the vote - NO won
// Prop. 11, NO, A Power grab. Yet another back room redistricting scheme! 14 people will decide the district bondaries for the entire state.
with 49.5% of the vote - NO lost
// Prop. 12, YES, pays for itself, a very non-controversial bond act to provide home loans for veterans. The state gets back the cost of the bond issue when the homeowners repay the affordable loan.
with 63% of the vote - YES won
// Local Measure L for neighborhood Libraries. Yes.
with 42% of the vote - YES lost - I can't believe it! The public library loses again! Fresno -- Barnes & Noble is NOT a library!

Update: The loss was even more severe. By the end of counting, only 33% yes!
Also, passage of Measure L needed a supermajority (67%).

END OF BALLOT. Make sure you colored in all the bubbles completely. Turn in your

See the results (Calif)

EXIT POLLS - The New York times has a very good exit poll page. It blew my mind, baby. Go there now!

Storm Chasing/Environment/Global Warming

Cuban TV report of Hurricane Ike's
5-story high waves on 080907. The best on-scene arriving hurricane television news report ever.

Storm chasing: for people who like big, long uh tornadoes.

Discovery Channel

More Earth News

For you, Al Gore, I turned off my workstation before leaving work tonight. I did it because I believe you are right. Your movie, An Inconvenient Truth, made me cry for the first time ever simply for the Earth.

The Discovery widget is really keen, rad and gear. Click around it to Discover ha ha how it can be customized.

David Prasad

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