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Photo Album - Dec 20 2008 - Light Up The Night for Equality at River Park-Fresno

Photo Album - May 11, 2008 (Mother's Day) In Yosemite

Photo album - my first Meetup hike (Fresno-Madera Hiking Meetup - Squaw's Leap 080316), also my first Sierra Nevada hike since starting to hike again.

Photo Album - after building a trail with Coe Park volunteer leaders, a gorgoeus half-day hike with a group light, fast hikers who meet each other for the first time over a web site called! (4th visit - 080308)

Photo album - my failed Death Valley trip.

Photo Album - Day Hike in Henry W. Coe State Park - 080216 - 1280x1024 Version

Photo album - Seattle 2007

Photo album - India Switzerland Japan 2005-6

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The lyrics to "Besonderer Tag by Culcha Candela (germany)

The Lyrics To "Cause A Effet" by Diams

The Lyrics To "Homem" by Caetano Veloso

The Lyrics To "Sem Abuso" by Art Popular

The Lyrics To "Sugar Bum Bum" by Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts)

The Lyrics To "It's A Sin" by Pet Shop Boys (1987)

Steaming in 32K stereo is my LIVE365 radio station, Earth To Dave, Loaded with outstanding music from a plethora of artists. Listener favorited! Great sound quality!
Earth To Dave

David Prasad
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For you, Al Gore, I turned off my workstation before leaving work tonight. I did it because I believe you are right. Your movie, An Inconvenient Truth, made me cry for the first time ever simply for the Earth.

The Discovery widget is really keen, rad and gear. Click around it to Discover ha ha how it can be customized.

David Prasad

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