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Some Numbers…

1,200 vistors have come by!

The web counter for this web address the past 6 years has counted almost almost 5,000 pageviews by over 1,200 visitors! Welcome back to version 2 of!

14 Years, 11 Months at my last employer!

I worked for my last employer in the printing and advertising industry as a graphic designer here in Fresno almost 15 years full time. I'm proud to say I was with them until the very end. When I get a new job, I'll post the good news here. This my letter of recommendation (PDF).


Dave's Share and Learn!

What I'm learning from others who share.
What I'm sharing for others to learn.


Previous Content

Will be available soon on a links page.


Adobe CSS Layouts

The CSS code on this page is designed by Adobe. I may have modified some of it. See for more information.


Additional Content Sub-Subheader

These liquid layouts contain an Internet Explorer Conditional Comment (IECC) to correct two issues.

  1. This smart looking indented numbered paragrph is a line item
  2. And it is nested inside an ol tag. I don't know what that is. The CSS tells the browser how to display this line item.


I'm learning CSS - I will want to keep previous versions of this page available. For now, I'll do that here.


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