Historically, stolen presidential elections happen infrequently in the United States. But when conditions were ripe to do so, George W. Bush and the Neoconservative team did whatever they could to disenfranchise likely Al Gore voters in "swing states", and succeeded barely in stealing an election. At least 100,000 votes were negated in Florida alone.

From day one of the new administration, our new president conducted himself like a dictator, and, as opportunities arose, seized more power every year in office. Everything out of his mouth would be empty rhetoric and lies. The Faith-based Initiative (complete "vaporware"), No child left behind (actually cut education funding and increased military powers over U.S. citizens), The War on Terror (increased terrorism all over the world), The Axis of Evil (rhetoric meant to conceal the fact that invading Iraq was all that was to happen), Homeland Security (created a new bureaucracy deliberately designed to reduce public oversight, silence critics and squander public funds on no-bid-contract cronies).

Good grief, there's more. Free Trade (caused a massive loss of high-tech and manufacturing jobs), Tax Cuts (they happened, but most people only got $300 back, and only in the first year, resulting in little stimulation of the economy), the Spread of Democracy (used War Powers to in the name of the American People, spread terror and take away freedom abroad; included the use of "Extraordinary Renditions", the kidnap of any person anywhere and the world for torture and incarceration in client states that allow torture, rewarding countries for allowing the use of torture on their people), the prescription medicine plan (raised the cost of health care for every American; probably punishment of the American people for trying to pass a universal health care plan back in 1993 under President Clinton).

The clock at the upper left counts down in real time how much longer Bush II will be President. As you can see, we still have much longer to suffer. The source code was stolen from http://www.randirhodesarchives.com/.